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Praise from readers who love Gabriel’s Creek:


Just finished your book, what a beautiful journey. Really enjoyed your storytelling and thoughts on life and death. Thank you for sharing. Haven’t golfed in years, but may be time to hit the links.

Jessica, website comment

Alan Livingston is a master of description! You don’t have to be familiar with golf to appreciate his detailed descriptions of his protagonist’s very personal and unusual round of golf, but if you are, you will doubly appreciate his gift for painting a picture with words. If you’re not a golf aficionado, don’t deprive yourself of this journey. The golf is incidental to the spiritual journey. Poignant, thought-provoking, nostalgic, and often funny, this day of golf at Gabriel’s Creek with stick with its readers long after the book is over.

Cathy O’Neal, Amazon & Goodreads reviews

What qualifies as a life well-lived?… It’s a great premise, and could easily open up a lot of discussion in a book club, especially if they are interested in spirituality.

C. Vernon, Amazon review

(Gabriel’s Creek) takes readers on a golfing journey full of mysteries that build with each turn of the page.

After being told that he only has days – maybe hours – to live, Chris Collins finds himself about to play his last round at Gabriel’s Creek Golf Course. Accompanied by a strange border collie named Ralph(ie), Collins must face friends and foes as he experiences the majesty of the course. By the 18th hole, it seems that Gabriel’s Creek isn’t all that it appears to be.

Alcalde Magazine, September/October 2014

For more than golfers, (and dog lovers) this book would appeal to anyone who appreciates great writing, a good pace, organic characters dealing with all too real situations, and a strong appreciation for living in the now, acknowledging each moment we are given.

This is one magical story!

Melissa Fry Beasley, Goodreads review

Your book hit at a perfect time in my life!!!

…you must have been guided to…help put my own mortality into perspective.

Thank you for your wonderful smell the roses book!!!!!!!!!!

…THANKS for “Gabriel’s Creek”…

Dr. Craig Hamilton, email

…this is a great read for anyone the least bit interested in personal growth and spirituality!

…NOT just for the golfer…

…attention to detail and character development is evident throughout.

…not to be missed…

Well done, Mr. Livingston.

David Saxby, Amazon review


A powerful masterpiece that is touching readers now and I am certain will continue to touch others for many years to come

Your story has touched me more than words can adequately express.

Rev. Dr. (ret) D. Jarman, email

What a great book!

…I liked it from beginning to end.

…an amazing and courageous piece of work.

…a masterpiece.

I especially loved the way the dogs were woven throughout the themes, and how the main character’s love for dogs helped him raise ultimate questions…

…a great summer read!

Rev. Dr. (ret) G. Jarman, email

…hidden gem

…Alan Livingston knocked it out of the park

…manages to take the simple game of golf and turn it into a pilgrimage of the soul…

If you don’t read anything else this summer at least read Gabriel’s Creek.

Michael Leadingham, Goodreads review

Lovely story, beautifully written and easy to read.

Geramie Barker, Goodreads review

A wonderful well written story…

…I really enjoyed this book…

…the ending was a surprise…

Susan, Goodreads review

This is an AWESOME book.

…the character development is extremely realistic and well done.

EVERYONE needs to read Gabriel’s Creek

…one of the best reads I’ve read all year.

I enjoyed it so much I read it twice.

Michael Leadingham, Amazon review

…a very moving novel.

You don’t have to love golf to appreciate and enjoy the novel.

Eva, Goodreads review

…this book was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ray (England), website comment


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