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Thank You, Arnold Palmer

September 25, 2016 was a lazy Sunday at our house, occupied with a variety of chores that were overcome by watching the final round of the Tour Championship and its four-hole playoff, won by Rory McIlroy. Afterwards, I went to do a little work in my office when a news alert popped up on my […]

Stuart Scott, R.I.P.

Maybe you’re a sports fan, or maybe you’re not. If you have a television and are in the United States, through the early days of 2015 you’ve seen lots of eulogies upon the passing of ESPN broadcaster Stuart Scott. A groundbreaker of sports news and information, a close friend to so many in that business […]

Pro Football: 2034 – (Short Story)

Now that twenty years have passed since the once-considered radical changes were made to the rules of professional football in the United States, it’s interesting to look back and see how positive these changes were. One could make the argument quite positively now, in 2034, that these changes saved the game of what was then […]

A Real Texas Rangers Baseball Fan Reflects

I wrote this piece last fall after the Texas Rangers won their first American League Championship. I sent it to the local newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but if they used it, they kept it a secret from me. My best wishes contained herein to the team for their 2010 World Series appearance didn’t do […]